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Fine Hub Ophthalmics® Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments manufactures and distributes one of the largest selections of ophthalmic surgical instruments. Our product range includes both reusable as well as disposable instruments. Stephens offers customized sets for Glaucoma, Cataract, Refractive, Lacrimal and Foreign Body.

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  • Algerbrush and Capsule Polishers
  • Bipolar Forceps
  • Calipers
  • Cannulas
  • Clamps and Forceps
  • Corneal Manipulators, Markers, and Trephines
  • Curettes
  • Diamond Knives
  • Elevators and Nucleus Manipulators
  • Dilators and Fixation Rings
  • Hooks, Knives, and Probes
  • Needle Holders
  • Ocular Shields
  • Phaco Choppers
  • Punches and Spatulas
  • Retractors and Speculums
  • Specialty Eye Scissors

We can reference any catalog number from any company, including these eye and ophthalmic instrument vendors:

V. Mueller* ❘ Storz Instruments* ❘ Bausch + Lomb* ❘ Katena Products* ❘ Rhein Medical* ❘ Solan* ❘ Boss* ❘ Harper* ❘ Solos* ❘ Sparta* ❘ Epsilon* ❘ Fortrad* ❘ MSI Precision* ❘ Asico* ❘ Akorn* ❘ SSI* ❘ ASSI* ❘ Weck* ❘ Duckworth & Kent* ❘ Micra* ❘ KMI* ❘ Wilson* ❘ Accutome* ❘ Hans Geuder* ❘ Stephens* ❘ Karl ILG* ❘ Moria* ❘ Ambler Surgical* ❘ Rumex* ❘ Impex* ❘ Katalyst Surgical* ❘ Walcott*

Eye Surgical Instrument Best Sellers

Fine Hub Ophthalmics® Micro Surgical Instruments Manufacturer carries a wide selection of German-made, American-made, and high-quality ophthalmic and eye surgical instruments. When you shop with us, you can reference any part number from any surgical instrument company and find an identical or equivalent instrument in our inventory. Do you have an instrument that needs replacing? Or a set that needs expanding? Reference the number etched on the instrument you would like to match and we’ll find what you need!

Our Instrument Experts are always on hand to help you find exactly the ophthalmic surgical instruments you need. You can talk to them online, by phone, or by email. We take pride in our knowledgeable and professional staff, you will find them able to assist you in finding the instruments best suited to your practice.

We stand by our instruments at Fine Hub . We guarantee that your surgeons will be satisfied with the instruments you purchase from us with our no risk ServicePLUS Guarantee.

The instruments below are some of our best sellers in ophthalmic and eye surgical instruments. Contact us at any time for assistance, a quote, or any other information.


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What we Produce

Feature Products



Specialised & Certified for Ophthalmic Medical Devices.
Completely Surgery Sets!
House of Ophthalmic Instruments Manufacturer & Exporter based in Kotli Loharan West Sialkot Pakistan



Barraquer Wire Speculums , Solid Blades ,Lid Speculum , Lieberman Speculums , Irrigation Speculums ,Eye Speculum with Locking Screw , Wire Fixation Rings , Scleral Dixation Rings , Wire Retractor


Air Injector Cannula , Hydrodisection Cannulas , Lacrimal Cannula , Simcoe Cannula , J shape Cannulas , Lasik Cannula , Luer Lock Cannula Hub All types of Hand Pieces Irrigation Aspiration


Suturing Forceps , 1x2 Teeth Forceps , Capsulorhexis Forceps , Lens Holding Forcep , Akahoshi Forceps , Lens Folding Forceps , Capsule Forceps , Nucleas Cracker , Sleeve Spreading Forceps


All of our Scissors is made by J2 Material which is really having a long durability for its cutting edge & based on tempering quliaty

Needle Holders

Needle Holder , Micro Needle Holder , Castroviejo Needle Holder with lock & With out Lock.

Sterilization Boxes & Ophthalmic Surgery Sets

Plastic Sterilization Boxes & Stainless Steel Available in Different Sizes

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