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Innovation Ophthalmic Instruments Lab: our tailored Latest solution for Ophthalmologist all around the World.

  • In an ever-increasingly competitive market, Fine Hub Ophthalmics ® has chosen to focus on technology and partnership. Our every-day job focuses on exceeding customer expectations. Our Innovation Team will visit your facility to perfectly understand your needs, goals, and vision. Prototypes are prepared rapidly and at competitive prices. We will give you the perfect tools for your application.

Lifetime Warranty Ophthalmic Instruments

  • All Fine Hub Ophthalmics ® manufactured tools carry a lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship. Wear and tear from normal use is not covered by warranty. Abuse and abnormal use is also exempt from warranty coverage. Warranty claims are to be made through dealer where the tool was purchased. All warranty claims are subject to approval by Fine Hub Ophthalmics ® and may result in tool repair or replacement with tool of equal value.

Technical Support will get back to you within 24 h

  • No matter where you are, Fine Hub Ophthalmics ® guarantees technical support within 24 hours worldwide. We want to help you make informed decisions. If you need information beyond the product description, or additional in-depth details, specifications may be available.
    Call us at +92-302-6178701 ( Whats App : +971-58-2514648 ) or email us at

Fine Hub Ophthalmics ® Micro Surgical instruments Hand tool reconditioning

  • With over 50 years’ experience in supplying superior quality hand tools, Ideal-tek can support its customers with a reconditioning service for Tweezers and Cutters & Pliers. FIne Hub Ophthalmics ® will attempt to keep the tip dimensions, the cutter edges as near to new as practical, holding original tolerance standards and specifications. However some changes may be necessary (jaw lenght, handle opening, cutting capacity, tip dimensions) depending on condition of the tool as received. Unrepairable tools (determined by Fine Hub Ophthalmics ®) will be returned no charge.
    Ideal-tek requires that you contact the customer service at and wait for its reply before shipping anything. 

Fine Hub Ophthalmics Instruments
Fine Hub Ophthalmics Instruments


K20-3000 Facial Infiltration Needle 30ga, 16mm K20-3010 Peribulbar Needle - Atkinson, 25ga 16mm K20-3014 Peribulbar Needle - Atkinson, 25ga 22mm K20-3020 Peribulbar Needle - Atkinson, 23ga 32mm K20-3023 Peribulbar Needle - Atkinson, 25ga, 32mm K20-3030 Retrobulbar Needle - Atkinson, 25ga 38mm K20-3040 Retrobulbar Needle - Atkinson, 23ga 38mm K20-3050 Sub-Tenons Cannula, 19ga K20-3056 Cystotome Straight, 25 ga K20-3057 Cystotome Straight 27ga, 16mm K20-3062 Cystotome Formed, 27 ga K20-3066 Cystotome Formed, 25 ga K20-3068 Cystotome Formed, 23 ga K20-3070 Cystotome Reversed, Formed 25ga, 12mm K20-3072 Cystotome Curved 27ga, 16mm K20-3074 Capsulorrhexis Cystotome Formed 25ga, 8mm K20-3076 Capsulorrhexis Cystotome Formed 27ga, 8mm K20-3080 Giannetti Posterior Capsulorrhexis Cannula K20-3100 Air Injection Cannula (Rycroft), 30ga, angled 5mm K20-3101 Air Injection Cannula (Rycroft), 27ga, angled 5mm K20-3103 Air Injection Cannula (Rycroft), 25ga, angled 5mm K20-3104 Air Injection Cannula, 27 ga, straight K20-3105 Viscoelastic Injection Cannula, 30 ga, angled 8mm K20-3106 Viscoelastic Injection Cannula, 27ga, angled 8mm K20-3107 Viscoelastic Injection Cannula, 25ga, angled 8mm K20-3108 Viscoelastic Injection Cannula, 23ga, angled 8mm K20-3109 Viscoelastic Injection Cannula, 21ga, angled 8mm K20-3110 Arbisser A/C Cannula, 30 ga K20-3115 Robins A/C Cannula, 30 ga K20-3120 Viscoelastic Injection Cannula, 30ga, angled 10mm K20-3121 Viscoelastic Injection Cannula, 27ga, angled 10mm K20-3122 Viscoelastic Injection Cannula, 26ga, angled 10mm K20-3125 Viscoelastic Injection Cannula, 25ga, angled 10mm K20-3126 Viscoelastic Injection Cannula, 23ga, angled 10mm K20-3128 Giannetti Hydrodissection Cannula K20-3139 Giannetti Big Spurt Hydroexpression Cannula K20-3142 B-H Irrigation Cannula 19ga, flat, angled 8mm K20-3151 John IntraLasik® Cannula 27ga, angled 10mm K20-3162 Hydro-Dissection Cannula, 25 ga K20-3163 Hydrodissection Cannula 25ga, angled 8mm K20-3164 Hydrodissection Cannula 27ga, angled 8mm K20-3166 Hydrodissection Cannula 27ga, flat, vertical 22mm K20-3168 Chang Hydrodissection 27ga, angled 90° K20-3170 J-shaped Hydrodissection 25ga, flat, straight K20-3171 J-Cannula Hydrodissection 27ga, flat, straight K20-3172 Giannetti Modified J-Cannula K20-3174 J-Shaped Cannula, 25 ga straight K20-3175 J-Shaped Cannula, 25 ga angled K20-3176 McIntyre-Binkhorst Cannula 25ga, angled right K20-3177 McIntyre-Binkhorst Cannula 25ga, angled left K20-3180 Simcoe Cortex Extractor 23ga, 13mm, 0.3mm port K20-3182 Simcoe Cortex Extractor 23ga, 22mm, 0.4mm port K20-3184 Simcoe Cortex Extractor 21 ga, 22mm, 0.4mm port K20-3185 Simcoe Cortex Extractor 23ga, 22mm, 0.4mm, textured K20-3186 Charleux Cortex Extractor 23ga, 16mm K20-3188 Bimanual Irrigation Cannula 21ga, 22mm end open K20-3190 Simcoe I/A System, 23 ga 0.3mm K20-3203 Kratz Polisher 23 ga end opening K20-3204 Robins-Kratz Scratcher 22ga K20-3213 Kratz Polisher 23 ga, side port K20-3215 Kratz Polisher 21 ga, side port K20-3217 Olive Tip Polishing Cannula 23ga, angled 10mm K20-3220 Silicone Tip Cannula 27 ga, angled 8mm K20-3240 LASIK Cannula formed, flattened 23ga K20-3242 LASIK Cannula formed, flattened 25ga K20-3244 LASIK Cannula formed, Website : Looking to purchase ophthalmic instrumena, 4 ports K20-3252 Vectis 2-Hole 25ga, 4mm wide K20-3271 Chamber Maintainer 25 ga K20-3273 Chamber Maintainer 23 ga K20-3276 Chamber Maintainer 20 ga K20-3280 Lacrimal Cannula 19ga tapered to 23ga